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Are you still fulfilling orders despite being a seller from Ukraine?

Absolutely! Despite any ongoing challenges, we're continuing to process and fulfill all orders. The delivery services we use, originating from Ukraine, are operating smoothly. Your purchase not only gets you a fantastic product but also supports both my family and business. If you have any additional inquiries, please feel free to ask – I'm here to help!

What type of leather is used in your production?

All of our products are crafted using genuine cow leather known as "Crazy Horse." This specific leather is prized for its durability, achieved by waxing the surface to enhance wear resistance. One of its distinctive features is the vintage appearance it acquires. 

Natural scratches, blemishes, and tones are prominently visible on the surface, but these should not be mistaken for flaws. On the contrary, they contribute to the item's elegant aesthetic. If you prefer a smoother look, you can easily remove these scratches by gently wiping the surface with a damp, soft cloth.

How should I care for leather products?

It's important to avoid machine washing, exposing leather to excessive humidity, or using alcohol-containing wipes, as these can harm the natural texture of the leather. Instead, gently wipe off dust or clean minor stains using a semi-dry cloth or a soft sponge. If water is spilled on your leather item, allow it to air dry naturally without the use of fans or radiators. To maintain the integrity, softness, and elasticity of Crazy Horse leather over time, regularly apply special impregnation agents such as waxes, creams, or oils.